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MEMBERS ONLY access to web site

Being an Ellijay Mountain Cruisers Car Club member allows you online web site access to the "Members Only" portion of the EMC car club web site! 

This allows a member to access other members information, members photos, club documents, and an interactive club forum to share discussions and topics of interest with other club members. Other special functions are available to members that sign into the web site!

The club web site allows for online payments of dues, event fees and donations and the club web site is a secure log-in/ password protected access for club members only. Site security is assured by a site certificate and HTTPS access.

Community improvement - GHS Auto Tech

Being a regular Member of EMC provides financial support to your community through direct contributions to your local School and GHS Auto Tech for scholarships, grants, equipment, tools, test certifications and other related automotive technology related costs. Sponsors and Members contributions dues and donations are used directly to support this cause!

Help the young students excel in the auto technology industry! Become a REGULAR EMC member and donate to help our young students!

Contacts in the Community

Meet people from the local automotive community that share interests in vehicles, automotive events, tech shows and social events. Attend group cruises, local automotive events, rallies, races and other gear head related social events!  Find other members with similar interests, vehicles and social circles.

Local Auto Discounts

Local companies and club Sponsors offer discounts to Ellijay Mountain Cruisers members for car parts, service specials and automotive events.

Being a REGULAR member of Ellijay Mountain Cruisers allows members access to special group discounts for club related events and shows and other discounts offered by vendors and sponsors!

Discounts for Club Events

REGULAR Members of Ellijay Mountain Cruisers get discounts on fee related club Events and Activities, group attendance to races, drags, shows and other automotive or social activities!

Discounts from Vendors for club sponsored events

Vendors offer admission or other discounts to REGULAR club members!

Meet other Gearheads!

Socialize and meet others in the community that share your passion! 

Being a member of Ellijay Mountain Cruisers allows you to meet fellow automotive enthusiasts, vendors, sponsors and others via our events, Cars and Coffee, our web site and being a member allows you to find others with similar interests. 

Our web site allows you to keep up on local events and being a member of EMC car club allows you to get Emails about upcoming events and club news! Our events calendar posts local event information for our club and other local area automotive events, so we hope it becomes the place to go for finding out about local automotive events!  

Members Only - Interests

Ability for EMC member to select areas of Club / Automotive INTEREST and communicate with others with similar interests. Members can identify areas of interest in their profile and find other members with similar interests!