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Charles G Johnson  | Published on 1/3/2021
Happy New Year to all EMC members!

Our Monthly event "Cars and Coffee" is the most significant recurring event that our club conducts and is the footprint of what our car club is all about! This monthly event generates interest in the club, develops new members and generates income through new memberships, the sale of club merchandise, 50/50 raffles, and the sale / raffles of auto related items! We also get cash donations and visibility of our club presence in our community!
Michael and Karen Johnson are some of our club founders and Michael is the "Main Man" for Cars and Coffee. Karen is “Main Women” and is usually manning the business activities, taking attendance, collecting money and selling tickets, while Michael and I are out setting up, making coffee, and doing gearhead conversation. Without Michael and Karen’s efforts, our club and cars and Coffee would not be the great event that it is!
Unfortunately for the club, Michael and Karen have relocated to Florida!So this important role for the club needs someone to step up and help organize and manage the monthly Cars and a Coffee event!It’s a big task and we can all help with the event, but the club really needs a specific individual(s) to help fill the void left by Michael and Karen.

The club specifically needs an individual (or couple) to be the primary manager and coordinator and take the lead role on these Cars and Coffee responsibilities!It’s a big job hauling all the stuff to the event, setting up, making coffee and manning the business! I know there are a number of other members that can assist, but we need another "Main Man or women" to take on this responsibility!
The club needs your help and with this critical event for our club!
Recently David Hoover has also relocated out of the area and he was heading up donations and financial management, so we really need someone to promote the club, recruit new sponsors and the help manage the financials of the club. We specifically need a new Financial manager, an Events manager, a Membership manager and we really need to start getting more of our members on committees and active part time in the actual management of the club!
Our club has grown its membership and continues to grow and has slowly developed over the last two years!The club has done well, we are generating funds, while growing our membership, cultivating new sponsors and conducting numerous other new automotive related social events! We have been casually moving forward in spite of the 2020 Pandemic while the other local car club in town has apparently almost faded out of existence! It is time to start moving this club into a more cohesive structure and grow it to its full potential!
Unfortunately, with the loss of Michael and Karen, that means that I am now personally managing the club web site and two Facebook club pages, while also managing the financials, events, marketing and all other aspects of the club.Now that Michael and Karen are gone I am also operating the Cars and Coffee event with some help from my wife Ina and some other members while also managing all the other events!
....HELP ....... I NEED HELP!
Ricky, Roger and Karen, Rudy and some of our member are helping when they can but we need more than a little help!
What we really need some members to step up to the next level and become full membersand help run the club!Please consider renewing your membership as a full member and help operate the club, conduct events and recruit new members and sponsors! I really need your help, the club needs your help and we can do more when more people are involved!
Please contact me and we can discuss how you might help!
We truly need at least one fairly computer savvy person to back me up on the facebook and Club Express website management. We also need to recruit more younger people and get them involved with the club and bring in the newer interest and different venues of vehicles. Almost all of Kens students and our members kids, grandkids and neighbors should be involved in our club! We need more young energy in our club!
We really appreciate all the members attending events and supporting the club by active participation!That’s what this club is about!
The club alsoneeds more people using our web page!It helps when you sign in and renew your membership, update your profile, post pictures and explore all the capabilities that our website offers! It helps us all when you check out the web site and update your own information, because its more accurate, more complete and relieves me from manually entering your data, your renewal information, processing payments and much more! Please sign in the web site and explore and browse our web site, it has different features once you sign in! Call me if you have trouble signing in!
If you are not getting our event emails, check your spam folder and mark it "not spam"! I usually send out two notification emails for all our events! if you are not getting them let me know and we can figure out why!
Please suggest things you would like to see on our web site,it has almost boundless capabilities! Please also think about and suggest events or activities that you would like to participate in and other activities you would like our club to pursue!

It is time to formalized the club, to start conducting real business meetings, setting up committees and organize the club so we can move forward and make this club the "Car Club for Ellijay"

Gary Johnson